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Welcome to the new site,

WendyWilliams.Org is your resource for information about personal growth, spirituality, healing and empowerment.

I am here to share what I have learned, be a guide on your path, and celebrate with you as you grow. I help people to create a life that they love.


And you thought meditation was just a lot of heavy breathing. . .

Not so . . . Learn the secret to what everyone needs to know about improving their health, reducing stress, and creating emotional intelligence.



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Read, Read, Read your way to a new relationship with life!


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Wendy is the new Barbara Sher

Success Team Facilitator for Kansas City!

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Kansas City What the Bleep Study Group: Join us for lively discussion in person or online.
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Spirituality: Prayer and Meditation . . . Intuition and the 4 Clairs . . . You are more than your physical body. Learn about the human subtle energy system . . .

Healing: Emotional Freedom Technique EFT . . . Personal Growth and Self Mastery . . . KHE Power Method . . .

Creating a life you love: Manifesting . . . Being in the flow, feeling joy, and being present in the now

about my services  products khe power method Just Ask Wendy Blog self help links contact us